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Dropline GNOME 2.22.x [Jun. 19th, 2008|08:17 pm]


[mood |busy]

Okay, so I'm going ahead and posting here because this seems like a reasonable enough place to post.

Yes, the reports of the project's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Frankly, we're about on track with our usual release schedule, which is having a set of packages ready to go when GNOME is having their x.xx.3 release milestone.  Actually, we're slightly behind at this point, but just the same, Dropline isn't dead.

There's not going to be a whole raftload of changes for this one, but a few things are being changed, mainly because they were confusing people.

* GNOME slipped up and didn't make a big deal of Avahi in this release, which coupled with a few other things leaves the door open to no longer shimming the mDNS libraries into /etc/nsswitch.conf automatically.  We were doing this before to make mDNS "just work" but the glibc documentation about this file is apparently incorrect--libraries missing cause this to break name resolution so after someone uninstalls Dropline, they would notice that their name resolution stops working... which is supremely annoying.  If you have Macs in the house and want mDNS to work, now you guys get to search around a bit and find out how to make it happen.

* GPL stuff...  All upstream source tarballs are being uploaded to the droplinegnome.org server.  If this should incur more bandwidth than the project can handle, we're done.  Period.  At the moment, the plan is to upload the packages and just see how much bandwidth this entails.  The moment packages go stale we'll probably be nuking them, but that's neither here nor there.   There's one loudmouthed crank who was really, really making a stink about this, and apparently lambasting me personally for it, even though it was an inherited problem (i.e., it was going on way before I joined the project).  You'll pardon me if I don't respond well to someone engaging in namecalling and trollery.  If the best someone can do with their time is to harshly criticize how other people spend their time, then they have a sad, sad life indeed.  Something about the relationship between artists and critics is probably infinitely apropos here.  Note that for all their bluster and pomp, they're apparently ignoring things which are stated very clearly on the GPL-dot-org site:
"Once you have collected the details, you should send a precise report to the copyright holder of the packages that are being misused. The copyright holder is the one who is legally authorized to take action to enforce the license."
Had this been done, we might or might not have gotten an email from one or more GNOME developers asking us to fix it.  The blogger didn't even make an effort to contact GNOME devs about it that I'm aware of.  Never did anyone from GNOME ever say anything to us about, and well, since the blogger in question seems to think I'm the one responsible for the situation, then surely someone should have contacted me directly about it if they really cared.  It seems to me that to the blogger, the GPL is only fodder for self-righteous indignation on blog posts in order to raise one's Google ranking.  I had to find out about this person's "problem" by virtue of a bunch of rather questionably vitriolic postings.  So, enough about that twit.  I only mention this because I question their motivation in ever saying a thing about it, and because I want to make it explicit that fixing this problem has been in the back of my mind for a long while now, and it's being done now because it was always going to be done--not because of some loudmouthed crank. 

To be perfectly honest, my natural reaction to such demands is to do the exact opposite, but I guess that's why I have a "bad attitude".

* Actually, that's about it.  We're still keeping PAM and PAM has still failed to result in being a source of anything serious other than wonderful functionality.  More details might creep in as more packages get built, so stay tuned.  I'm tired of dealing with Ubuntu's build of FF (it seems abnormally slow, which I'm not certain is their fault or not) which is what's gotten me working on this stuff again instead of waiting to see if more than two of the devs appear online at the same time.  (Maintaining "real lives" can sometimes be time consuming)

[User Picture]From: evildagmar
2008-06-20 02:26 am (UTC)
Oh, and at no time has Patrick ever said people should not use Dropline. Claims to the contrary by certain people are just more deliberate trollery.
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