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MythTV package improvements [Mar. 15th, 2008|05:51 am]


[mood |accomplished]

I've just completed the first versions of a (mildly) task-centric Apache package for MythWeb called 'myth-httpd' (as opposed to Slackware's normal "httpd" package) which provides a more "turnkey" installation for MythWeb.  After removing the usual httpd package and installing both myth-httpd and mythweb on the machine, MythWeb will now "just work" for most installations.  I lopped a bunch of stuff out of the default build of apache (well, mainly the completely unnecessary bits, like dav and proxy suppport), deployed an /etc/httpd/conf.d directory for seamless third-party integration, tied a rewrite rule to direct / to /mythweb, and stopped just short of sticking a robots.txt file into the package.

You will need to enable Basic/Digest authentication on your own or anyone who can reach the machine over the network will be able to delete all your recordings, etc.  Basically, securing MythWeb beyond a "default" install is up to you.